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The Oregon National Guard Association is a professional organization that supports the constitutional roles and missions of the National Guard by influencing legislative, congressional and executive action.

We exist for you; the men and women of the Oregon National Guard.


What is the membership year?

The membership year is January to December.

When does the next year’s membership drive start?

The yearly membership drive begins in October of the previous year.

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Board Members

Executive Committee

  • President – Brig Gen Jen Pardy
  • President Elect – COL Russ Gibson
  • Vice President/Army – LTC Chris Markesino
  • Vice President/Air – Lt Col Chris Jenkins
  • Executive Director – LTC (Ret) Fritz McReynolds
  • Secretary/Treasurer – COL Pete Wood
  • Vice President for Retiree Affairs/Army – COL (Ret) Karl Pond
  • Vice President for Retiree Affairs/Air – Col (Ret) Henry Johnson
  • Company Grade Representative/Army – CPT Amanda Short
  • Company Grade Representative/Air – Capt Carla Wegner
  • Warrant Officer Representative – CW2 Michael Raaf

Scholarship (Oregon National Guard Charitable Education Fund, Inc.)

  • Coordinator – COL(Ret) Roberta Janssen
  • Endowment Advisor – Brig Gen (Ret) Bruce Prunk

Corporate Liaison

  • LTC (Ret) Fritz McReynolds

Web Administrator

  • Mr Chris Martin


  • Army-COL Pete Wood
  • Air Force- Col Adam Gaudinski
  • Joint- COL (Ret) Lance Englet, National Chair

Meeting Minutes

If you would like a copy of the minutes of the last Board meeting please contact COL (Ret) Kevin Dial at info@ornga.org.