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Oregon National Guard BENEFITS INC
The benefit program created by the Officer and Enlisted Associations for its members!

Download Benefits document for complete information.

New Programs

PERSONAL CANCER INDEMNITY PLAN: Offers a number of scheduled benefits to include: Hospice, Extended Care Facility and Home Health Care coverage, Nursing Services, ambulance benefit, IN/Out patient radiation and chemotherapy, hospitalization and many more.

DENTAL INSURANCE: No enrollment fee, $1,500 Annual Benefit Option, 100% Preventive Coverage Plan, multiple plan designs available, initial 12 month rate guarantee, includes coverage for seniors, no waiting periods for most services, freedom to use dentist of your choice.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT INDEMNITY: This is a supplement to major medical coverage. The benefits are paid directly to the individual. The policy does not cover a soldier in the field of battle but does cover the family at home and waives the premiums until he/she returns. The program does cover National Guard Soldiers during State/Federal activities such as police and fire fighting actions.

Current Programs

TERM LIFE INSURANCE (SSLI and Enhanced coverage limits)
PROGRAM BENEFITS: Up to $10,000 death benefit is paid within 24 hours, spouse and dependent coverage available, guaranteed issue minimum basic coverage, no war, suicide or aviation exclusions, accelerated death benefit (50% of coverage) in event of terminal illness, program can be taken with you upon departure from the National Guard.

FAMILY SURVIVOR COLLEGE BENEFIT: for those with term life insurance policies with AFBA of $100,000 or more automatically have this benefit. The insured member or spouse must have died in a military combat zone, or act of US government recognized terrorism. The program offers an undergraduate educational benefit of up to $10,000 per family per year up to (4) years, max of $40,000.

LIFE INSURANCE TO AGE 100: Sometimes called “Whole Life,” this coverage typically is combined with the Term Life Insurance program to provide coverage to age 100, with the greatest coverage (term insurance) during the most critical time of need.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE: Coverage offered to protect against the costs associated with long term illnesses. These costs are typically associated with the costs of nursing home care or assisted living care facilities. Coverage is offered for Oregon National Guard Members, Family Members (spouse, brother, sister, parent or grandparent), or Retirees. With many programs available, one can be designed around your specific needs/budget.

CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Oregon National Guard members having trouble grappling with lifetime planning for special needs children, may now have an option. Our program contact understands government benefits, social security programs, advanced estate planning and emotional support.

CHASE HOME LOAN DEFERRMENT PROGRAM: Only Chase offers National Guard Servicemembers a program designed to reduce the burdens associated with mortgage payments during periods of deployment. Approved servicemembers are eligible for an 18 month deferment of payments during deployment, with no additional interest.

For information about these products, or to schedule unit or special group briefings contact your Benefits Coordinator: Art Liss, CLU., PO Box 12988, Salem, OR 97309-0988, 360-907-7329, Email: aeliss1@comcast.net,www.ORNGBenefitsInc.com