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NGAUS Resolutions: Legislative Issues Important to Members

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a legislative idea that a member or state would like NGAUS to work on with Congress in the next legislative cycle. As a member-based organization, NGAUS annually solicits proposed resolutions from its membership aimed at enhancing the National Guard – its equipment, capabilities and the quality of life of its soldiers and airmen and their families.

Resolutions are categorized as Joint, Army, or Air. Army and Air resolutions relate to missions or equipment under the purview of the Army and Air National Guard. Joint resolutions relate to issues involving personnel & benefits, medical, and domestic operations.

What is the Timeline for Resolutions?


Throughout the spring and summer months, members are encouraged to submit draft resolutions for consideration during their state conference. Once a draft resolution passes a state conference, it is sent to NGAUS for consideration at the annual NGAUS conference.


Once the collection of proposed state resolutions is submitted to NGAUS, staff review them and solicit input from three key non-voting stakeholders: the NGAUS Board of Directors, standing NGAUS Task Forces and the National Guard Bureau. Task Force membership is comprised of qualified, National Guard subject matter experts from the six NGAUS geographic areas.


When the NGAUS annual conference convenes, state delegates from each of the 54 states, territories, and the District of Columbia debate and then vote on the draft resolutions.

Once adopted, the resolutions then become standing resolutions, and they are published on the NGAUS website and in booklet form. The Legislative Objectives book is distributed to members of Congress, Congressional defense committees, and Department of Defense officials.

Throughout the year, the resolutions serve as a guide in the formulation of NGAUS’s legislative agenda.